Friday, January 10, 2014


I received the results of the two biopsies I had done a few weeks ago. The itchy mole on my abdomen was just an irratated mole. (Whew!) The "smudgy" area on my right arm came back atypical/dysplastic. This means that there were precancerous cells found. There were not clear margins, so I will be going back to have a larger biopsy. They want to wait another month so that the original biopsy will not be inflammed at all.

 I had a moment of pure fear as the nurse read me my results. I felt like I was going to hear the dreaded word MELANOMA  again. I am not looking forward to having  another surgery. I am very glad it is minor and will probably just require a few stitches. I am glad that it was caught early! I am also so glad that I am seeing a dermatologist that knew there was something not right with the spot on my arm that looked "smudgy". I had showed that same area to 4 different doctors and none of them thought it was anything to worry about.

Just goes to show, you need to find a dermatologist that you trust AND you need to go regularly for appointments for skin checks. Also, trust your gut. If you feel that something is not quite right, get it checked out! 

I hate to think what could have been if I had stayed on my melanoma vacation. It was great while it lasted,but now it is back to taking care of business!

If you have been slacking on your follow up appointments or if you need to have a skin check, please don't put it off. 

Your skin will thank you <3

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