Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My first post op appointment was May 9th.  We got there and waited a little over a half hour for him. He was running behind due to his surgery schedule. He came in and wanted to look at the biopsy sites.  Then he looked at the large one on my thigh and said he would remove stitches.  I had to roll over on my tummy for him to reach them.  He said the area was too tight to take them all out and he was afraid it would open up.  So he only removed 8 stitches removed.   I still have 14 stitches in.  My fiance asked him some questions while he was working.  I couldn't speak because it hurts sooooo bad when he was taking them out.  He told us that the lymph node biopsy was sent out for comparison.  Whatever that means.  Kevin asked him how many lymph nodes he removed and he said he wasn't sure, 2-3 he thought.  He said he didn't have the report in front of him, it was on his desk.  Then he said that they got all of the cancer from my leg.  I wanted to say, "You should have since you took such a huge chunk." But I kept quiet.  Then he said he wanted me to come back the following Monday for the rest of the stitches to be removed and hopefully results.  He was in a hurry. I felt like I didn't get the time I needed to ask questions.  We left there feeling like we were rushed.  I was having a hard time even walking through the building.  It took a lot out of me.  I just wanted to get back home.

I have been waiting since then to hear some news.  Every time the phone rings I jump at it.  I keep it with me at all times.  Today I couldn't handle it anymore!  I let my fiance know and he called the surgeon's office and left a message.  His secretary called me and told me that she faxed a letter to my work stating that I am to be off until I see him Monday.  And she then said there are no results back yet.  I told her my frustrations about the results, not understanding what is going on and the appointment being rushed, etc.  She said she would talk to Dr. Kim and find out if he had results yet, but she didn't see them in the system.  He called me back and he was having trouble hearing me.  I listened to him quietly.  He basically said that the results were not back yet and that they were sent out because there is something they needed to verify on them.  A second opinion.  They were sent to San Francisco. (What!?) He said I needed to be patient and this couldn't be rushed, they needed to do this right.

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