Friday, June 7, 2013

Don't Stop Believin'!!!!!

I am still in shock here.  I just learned that Steve Perry, singer of 80's band, Journey, had melanoma removed recently.  He has had 2 surgeries to remove it, and they have told him that he shows no evidence of melanoma. 

Here is the link to his recent blog. 

"Don't Stop Believing" has always been a favorite song of mine.  It took on new meaning after my diagnosis of melanoma.  It has become an anthem for all of us fighting the melanoma beast. It is very surreal to me that Steve had his own encounter with melanoma. 

Best wishes to Steve on his recovery and my heart goes out to him for the loss of his beloved Kellie. 

Recent photo with former VJ Martha Quinn from Mtv
Don't Stop Believin'!!!!!!!

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