Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Replay of Melanoma Surgery and Healing Pictures

The mole that started it all
I just wanted to share these pictures again.  It is not the usual pictures I like to take and share, but it is important that they are shared even though.

I look at these photos now, almost 2 years later and I feel the pain and fear all over again.  I will never stop spreading awareness about melanoma. 

I have come a long way since my diagnosis and surgery and I know my journey has just begun. 
The first scar after original biopsy was taken

My leg 2 days post op
My message that I hope to send with these photos is....Don't tan.  Ever.  This isn't pretty. 

 Melanoma really does suck.  It doesn't care if you are young, old, white, black, wealthy,or poor.  It likes to sneak into organs like the brain, liver, and lungs, and can even spread to the colon.

There are many trials and many warriors participating in them in the hopes to find a cure and help others with a cure.  We are hoping there will be a cure soon.  I have lost too many friends to melanoma.  That's not cool with me.

Lots of stitches
 When I first saw my stitches I was shocked.  They told me that they would be taking a biopsy 2 cm x 2cm and 2 cm deep.  It was much bigger than that.  I was lucky I didn't have to have a skin graft.  I did end up with an infection in the incision.  I knew I had one all along, but my surgeon kept telling me I didn't. 
My leg 2-19-12
 It did heal up and looked much better 10 months later.  I still have the indent, but it isn't as deep.
Big indent

2 days post op, big indent

groin biopsy

So many stitches

After some of the stitches were taken out. (infected)

The groin biopsy healing
If you have a mole that has changed, gotten bigger, bleeds, itches etc.  Go see a dermatologist.  Please. 


  1. I think it's worthwhile to revisit these things to let newbies know about the dangers of melanoma. So many people think it's just skin cancer. Keep it up!

  2. Melissa this is a raw wake-up call for anyone who may become complacent.
    I have a meeting with my new dermatologist since my recent relocation to the northern tropics.
    Thank you and may you remain NED.

  3. Thanks for sharing Melissa! I took some pictures of my initial excision, but none of the lymph node biopsy site, and none of the yucky lymph node removal with the lovely drain tube, and I wish I had.

  4. Very brave of you to share your story Melissa. I am a stage 4 patient and got too much sun in my youth. I am actively campaigning for a Sunbed Ban here in the UK.

  5. Thanks! Good luck with your endeavors capybara! I hope they get banned everywhere! :)

  6. You were so smart to take pictures even before the mole came off. I haven't taken any of mine before, just after the WLE. Thanks for sharing your story!!!

    1. I am a photographer, so it was just natural to do it. I am glad I did!