Saturday, September 8, 2012

One of Our Own on Stand Up to Cancer~ SU2C!

I wasn't going to watch the SU2C show last night, because I didn't want to cry and be depressed about cancer after the crazy week at work that I had. My fiance had the TV on and I was surfing Pinterest, (my new obsession!), and it came on.  I didn't turn it, but I was half paying attention to it.  Then, I found myself drawn in.  I loved how it showed a few cancer warriors, and told their stories. On the screen the entire show, they would have a newsfeed scrolling on the bottom, with info about the type of cancer that was being showed.

The celebrities were great!  I loved Samuel L. Jackson, who referring to beating cancer, said, "Cancer is one big bully. But if we all stand up to cancer together, we can kick its ass so good, it'll never come back."

I also loved the little boy, Justin, who said,  "I don't even think about me passing away.  But if I do, I'm taking my Legos with me!"

There were cancer warriors sharing their stories, and there was Taylor Swift with her song "Ronan", about a 3-year-old Valley boy who died of cancer in 2011.  And of course Tim McGraw had to sing his amazing song, "Live Like You Were Dying", and make me cry more!  It was all very touching and emotional.

 I continued to watch, and was absolutely taken by surprise when a young, beautiful women appeared on the screen.  She was stunning.  I didn't realize at first, but then I heard that she is a melanoma warrior!  I was full of emotion about this!  Hillary Quinn Kind is a 25 year old women, who is battling the beast and is on national television telling her story!  There were the melanoma facts scrolling at the bottom of the screen as Hillary sat with her doctor and asked if she were to stop treatment, how long would she have left to live?  A year?  Her doctor told her that she did not believe she would even have a year.  She was beautiful with her bald head and mega watt smile.  There she was skydiving, something she had always wanted to do, as I bawled.  It was amazing!  I was floored when they said she is from Detroit, Michigan!  Right next door to me!  I was so proud of her and felt an instant connection like I do with fellow melanoma warriors. She told her story.  It is the story of so many of my friends.

Thank you Hillary, for sharing your story with the world, to raise awareness for our horrible cancer, and for funds for research.  Thank you for giving melanoma a voice.

 Her words from last night have stayed with me today...

 " I just keep going, keep fighting, and something great will come of it.”~ Hillary Quinn Kind

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