Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Brother's Love

I am friends with a lot of awesome people.

This particular friend doesn't have melanoma himself, but he has been greatly affected by it. His brother, Jeff, passed away from melanoma and ever since, has been a great educator of melanoma awareness.   Al from Black is the New Pink, is a very special guy.  He started his blog to educate and put a stop to melanoma and to help him with the great loss of his brother.  Al was interviewed for UV Skinz recently and spoke about his brother.

Check out the interview here.

Great things ARE happening, Al, and I am very proud to stand with you.  Thanks for recognizing me as a voice for melanoma.  I am in great company :)  Here are a few of my fellow bloggers and melanoma butt kickers!

Susan @ Jillian Journey with Melanoma- A Mother's Story

Chelsea @ My Adventures with My Enemy Melanoma

Reverend Carol Taylor @ Attitude of Gratitude

Carolyn @ Dodged a Bullet-Fight Against Melanoma

Becca @ It's Only Melanoma

Erin @ Melanoma and the City

Rich @ Hotel Melanoma

Jessica @ 2 Battles with Melanoma in 28 Years

Just to name a few!  For a complete and up to date list, my friend Carol (from Attitude of Gratitude), has compiled a list that seems to be the most complete list I have come across.  She will gladly update it if you know of anyone not on there.  Please take the time to add these great educators to your list.

I will continue to educate about the dangers of melanoma, as will my friends.  We are not going to back down, until the day we can celebrate our victory against it!

Stay safe and don't forget to protect the skin you are in!


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