Friday, July 6, 2012

Announcing the Grand Opening of the Pale Girls Club

  Looking at pictures of my daughter recently, I had the idea of creating this club.  I know it is not the norm for young girls,like my daughter, to accept and embrace their paleness.  Most of them are tanning to fit in and to be beautiful.  There is a belief that if you are not tan, you look unhealthy.

Have you ever been bullied about your paleness?  Has anyone ever said, "You should get a little sun."?  or "You are SO PALE!"?  If so, that is bullying!  Don't be bullied into changing who you are to make others comfortable!  Be happy with yourself! 

I hope that someday soon, women, especially young girls, stop believing that they have to be tan to be beautiful.  Those young girls are dying to be tan.  It is not beautiful to be dead.  I hope that someday, pale is accepted more.  It used to be the norm.  People who were tanned were the working class, or laborers.  My how things have changed!  I myself, grew up wanting to be tan, and always wanting to be more tan than I was! I had Malibu Barbie and wanted to live in California.  After being diagnosed with melanoma and losing the tan, I realized how much better I look with my natural skin tone. I am learning to love and embrace my natural skin tone!  I wish now, that I had never tanned.  I did it to cover up my flaws, but I just made them a whole lot worse!

Pale IS a four letter word, but it IS NOT a bad word.  There are a lot of people that believe it is one of the worst things to be.  I disagree.  It is not bad to be true to yourself.  It is not bad to love yourself, and there are way worse things to be.  

Why is it that people almost seem uncomfortable around someone that is pale?  Is it because they think we are going to grow fangs and suck their blood?  We are not vampires.  We are just pale.  Is it because they think we are weird?  Strange?  Indoors too much?  Why do they feel they have to change us into a tanned piece of leather?  I for one, think that tanning is addictive.  I would probably still be tanning if I had not been diagnosed with melanoma.  As a matter of fact, I know I would.  My daughter would be too.  It breaks my heart that she would be doing that to herself.  I am thankful daily that I was diagnosed with melanoma and she will never set foot in a tanning bed or tan at all.  I am thankful that I was the one diagnosed and not her.  I believe that happened for a reason.

Please check out the Pale Girls Club on facebook and coming soon to other social networks and our website is going to be up soon too!

Please feel free to post a picture of yourself rocking your pale, natural skin or anything related.  This is a place for us to be ourselves and not be ashamed of our natural beauty!

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