Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Melanoma Surgery and Beyond Pics

The original mole taken 2-19-11  = Stage 2a melanoma

Bandages on my leg after my wide excision biopsy.  The blue dye is from the sentinel lymph node biopsy.  They inject blue dye around the site of the original melanoma and watch where it goes and if any lymph nodes "light up", they remove them to check for melanoma cells.

This the first picture after the bandages were removed post op day 4, I was shocked at how big the scar was, 22 stitches.
They went so deep.  I was not told how much they would take.
the lymph node biopsy site post op day 4.  Bruising and it was painful!

the groin biopsy healing
 Post op after the stitches were out finally!  It looked infected to me, but the surgeon thought it looked good.
My scar one year after I took the picture of the mole.  It is healing nicely.
 Groin biopsy site after some healing!
There is still an indentation, but it is better than it was.
The biopsy of the groin post op 4-27-11


My leg post op-- This is after my first post op appointment, he took out half the stitches and said it was too tight to remove them all.  It looked infected to me, but he didn't think so.

At the dermatologist getting a mole removed....

Reaction to either the tape or the Lidocaine, removal of basal cell on the top and another mole on the bottom. 

My leg a few months after surgery...looking better?

The basal cell stitch on the top and other mole biopsy on the bottom.  Not melanoma!!

This is a mattress stitch and was very hard not to get caught on everything!  This became infected and hurt like crazy!!

Pus from the scar, dermatologist said it was MRSA!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I am trying to figure out if I should get a plastic surgeon for my stage 1. Did you have one? Yours healed nicely. Best of luck and health.

    1. I didn't have a plastic surgeon and don't regret it. Mine was on my leg. If it was on my face maybe then I would. I think it is a very personal decision. I hope you are doing well Tammy. :)