Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Find out the UV Index in your Area- Don't look like a Lobster!

UV Index is 10 here in Michigan today! That means it is very high and you should take extra precautions to avoid skin damage, like melanoma which is deadly! Check and see what the UV index is where you are!

I love this UV index because it is so easy to use and you can even create a widget for your blog!  They also have some great information about protecting yourself from skin cancer, and melanoma!

If you are on the beach, remember sand and water reflect the sun and can DOUBLE exposure to the UV rays!  Wear hats, sunglasses and protective clothing.  Seek shade!  And remember, SUNSCREEN IS NOT WATERPROOF!!! Reapply every 2 hours and use at least a shot glass size amount on all exposed areas!  SPF should be at least 30. 

You can still have fun, but you won't look like a lobster doing it!

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