Sunday, February 19, 2012

Before and After

I took this picture of my mole on 2-19-11.  I knew there was something not quite right about it.  I was a tanner and I knew it would have to be removed.  I took this picture so i would have one before it was removed.  I didn't know until  after it kept getting bigger, and I looked up skin cancer on the internet, that it wasn't just skin cancer.  It was melanoma. 
This is the picture taken today, one year after I took the picture of the mole.  External healing is faster than internal healing. 


  1. I "found" my melanoma, too. It took me a while to finally make it to the dermatologist, but my spot was dark like yours and something just didn't "feel right" about it. I think it's so important that you're telling your story. Glad to hear you're doing well a year later :)

  2. thank you Katie! I think you know when something isn't right, and I knew mine wasn't right too. I will be celebrating my one year cancerversary 4-27-12!! Every year is such a blessing!